We are the independent, worker-led union at New Seasons.


Who we are

Our union is dedicated to the idea that all of us deserve fairness, respect, and dignity in our occupations, industry, and community. We fight to achieve this through collective action and collective bargaining.


New Seasons Labor Union began in the spring of 2022. Workers at the Seven Corners store, inspired by the success of independent organizing around the country, decided to form a new union from the ground up. Since then, our union has grown to represent over a thousand workers at eleven stores.

Our Demands

A Seat at the Table

We demand that New Seasons obey federal law and bargain with us before implementing any changes to wages, hours, and working conditions.


A Living Wage

Currently set at $27.04/hr for the Portland metro area by the MIT Economics Department. We believe that New Seasons Market can and must pay us all a living wage.


Cost of Living Adjustments

When grocery prices go up, our wages should. We demand a COLA linked to the consumer price index to keep us from falling behind.


Fair Attendance Policy

We are fighting for a fair attendance policy at the bargaining table. The existing policy holds us equally accountable for 6-minuite tardies and entire missed shifts, while making it easy for reliable workers to get fired.


More P.T.O.

Department managers start at 3 weeks of PTO, and salaried workers at store support have unlimited time off. NSLU members demand more time to cover illnesses and still allow for decent vacation days. We are working harder than ever before, and deserve more time off.


Just Cause for Discipline

We are demanding just cause contract language that would give our unjustly disciplined or fired co-workers a path to reinstatement.


Reasonable Seating

Cashiers and other stationary workers should be allowed to sit.


Premium Pay

We demand premium pay for overnight work, Senior Wednesdays, and Weekends.


And More

A Thousand Workers. Eleven Shops. One Union.

Seven Corners

1954 SE Division Street.
Portland, OR

Organized September 2022


2170 NW Raleigh Street
Portland, OR.


Organized October 2022


4500 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, OR.


Organized December 2022

Grant Park

3210 NE Broadway Street,

Portland, OR.

Organized December 2022


5320 NE 33rd Avenue,

Portland, OR.


Organized December 2022

Arbor Lodge

6400 N Interstate Ave.

Portland, OR.


Organized January 2023

Cedar Hills

3495 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.

Beaverton, OR.


Organized January 2023


4034 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Portland, OR.

Organized April 2023

University Park

6300 N Lombard Street

Portland, OR.


Organized November 2023


3445 N Williams Ave.

Beaverton, OR.


Organized December 2023


1214 SE Tacoma Street
Portland, OR.

Organized December 2023

You can be next.

A Democratic Workers' Organization

Our Union is only as powerful as our members, and our members run our Union. Major decisions are made democratically at membership meetings, and only rank-and-file workers are eligible to hold office in our Steering Committee. As an independent union, we are not beholden to a parent organization. Our members alone decide.