Get Organized With NSLU

Organizing a union at your store is not easy, but it's the only way to get a seat at the table. To negotiate as equals to management, your store will need to follow these steps.


1. Build an Organizing Committee

Identify reliable and trustworthy co-workers from all of the major departments at your store. Recruit them to your store's union organizing committee, which will organize all of the workers at your store.

2. Make a Plan to Win

Have regular organizing committee meetings and get in touch with an NSLU organizer. Collaborate on a plan to talk to every single staff member at your store about the need for collective action to win better jobs.

3. Take the Campaign in the Open

Take the union campaign public and start collecting union authorization cards to get a union election at your store. You can hold open meetings to bring everyone together and talk about the path forward.

4. Achieve Union Recognition

Once the majority of your co-workers are ready to join the union, you and your co-workers can deliver your union authorization cards to the National Labor Relations Board, and deliver a recognition petition to management.

5. Elect Union Reps

If your store votes to join the union, it's time to elect 2 union reps to the steering committee and 2 bargaining reps for contract negotiations.

6. Organize a Strike Threat

After winning union recognition, your organizing committee will go to work preparing your coworkers to be ready to strike.

7. Win Demands

With your coworkers organized and ready to strike, it's time to negotiate for your store's demands.