Your participation in our union is the only way we can win. Sign up to watch bargaining and show New Seasons we are serious about winning our demands. Meal service provided.

Per the ground rules agreed upon by both bargaining teams, eligible observers include only current employees of NSM, or former employees who have pending legal claims against NSM which could lead to reinstatement, or employees of NSLU.

We are required to give NSM 24 hours' notice of who will be observing sessions. Please sign up 2 days in advance of the sessions. If there is a week with back-to-back sessions, they will be treated as a block, so sign ups for both days will close 2 days in advance of the first session.

Locations and other information will be emailed to you at least one day in advance of the sessions.

There is a cap on the number of observers, you may be pushed to a later session if all seats are filled.